February 2017

From the President's Desk

Our membership has been growing as we are around 2,100 members now, which is good. Proud to say I'm a Union member with all my Union brothers and sisters. Stay together and stay strong. It's important!

I just want to say to the people who have been here a few years, remember that many new employees may never have worked in a factory. Introduce yourself, show them around, train them right, teach them about safety and that quality is putting out a good piece the first time. Mold them into the future Union workers of Kohler; talk Union to them, make sure they understand we have rights and that this Union fights for everyone's rights every day. Join the Union, be one of us and one with us!

Transfer slips must be filled out properly. A lot of members have one year coming up, so if you are looking to move to a different division for a job, you need to fill out a transfer slip (you do not need a supervisor's signature). Take the slip up to the front of HR/Medical building entering through the front glass doors. The receptionist at the desk will stamp it and give it back to you to put in the clearly marked transfer box. It's as simple as that.

New employees should watch for their insurance packs to come in the mail around 70 days. You must fill out and return before 90 days. Just don't throw it in a corner and forget about it. It's very important. If you need help, come to the hall.

If you have moved or changed phone numbers, please call Kohler Konnect and the Union hall (458-2173) to update your file.

If you are having a problem, please contact your steward, Chief Steward or come to hall. We can't help if we don't know.

There have been a few issues with smoking. Everyone should know there is no smoking in the buildings; make sure you are in a smoking area before you light up.

Everyone work safe, put out quality parts, work together and stay strong together.

I won't give up my voice at work nor should you.

Solidarity, everyone, solidarity!

-Tim Tayloe


Generator Division

Generator orders are slow this month. Week 7 was a 4 day workweek with Friday the 17 th being off. Two more days have been taken off the schedule for weeks 9 and 11; Friday March 3 rd and Friday March 17 th . At this time, no further days off are being planned until the Fourth of July week, which is a planned shutdown week.

We appear to have an adequate amount of work but component issues on our new Liberty generators and emission problems with some of our smaller engines are holding up production on these generators. My guess is that when the issues are resolved we will be on overtime to catch up with our schedule.

There are four jobs that cleared the hall and are at the street. All four are second shift positions; three for the metal fabrication area and one material handler. We should have three or four additional jobs posted soon.

You hear this every month but management is taking the respectful workplace rules very seriously. Control how you act and how you respond to situations at work to avoid issues.

A contractual rule that comes up every year deals with vacations. If you are on FMLA, disability or any type of leave the last scheduled day in December, you MUST work 30 calendar days in the current year before your vacation vests! You won't be paid vacation until you fulfill this 30 day requirement.

-Kevin Weyers


Raffle Updates from Christmas Cheer

Snow blower raffle: Gene Van Oss: won the snow blower; Mike Gonering $75; Chris Chevrier $50; Ray Peterson & Tom Rentmeester $25.

Women's Lottery Tree: Steve Rathsack. Vets' Booze raffle: Missy Williams.

The 59th Annual Labor Kickoff Banquet was held Saturday, Jan. 28 at Emil Mazey Hall. An enthusiastic crowd of 175 attended the banquet which featured a trio of speakers sharing their progressive visions for labor, workers and the country.

Ruth Conniff : Editor-in-Chief; The Progressive magazine. Conniff is a progressive political journalist and commentator, and has written for The Nation and The N.Y. Times. She appears regularly on PBS's ‘To the Contrary,' Washington Journal and NPR.

Martha Laning : Chairperson; Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Laning is a political and community activist from Plymouth who helped direct a successful fundraising effort to build an inter- generational community center in Plymouth during the recession.

Alex Lasry : Vice-President; Strategy and Operations for The Milwaukee Bucks. Lasry is directing the hiring initiative for Milwaukee's new arena and downtown area. He is focusing on economic development for the Milwaukee metropolitan area in cooperation with and support of Union labor. Opening ceremonies were handled by Sheboygan Firefighters color guard.

Local 1472 (Vollrath) retiree James Nitsch was honored with the UAW Sheboygan-Area CAP Council Lifetime Achievement Award. While James retired from Vollrath after serving on the Bargaining Committee and other Union positions, he earlier worked at Kohler Company and was a member of Local 833 and one of the original strikers in 1954. Jim never crossed, and never went back even after the final workers returned in 1965.

The AFL-CIO Labor Person of the Year award was presented to Local 494 IBEW and S.M.A.R.T Local 18 for their work and volunteering in remodeling the Sheboygan County Labor Hall.

The catering was done by Elite Catering, the only Union caterers in the Sheboygan area. The 60th Kickoff banquet is already on the schedule for January 27, 2018. See you then!


Engine Division

Build numbers remain constant from last month; big blocks at 110, A-Line at 26 Agesis, and the B-Line at 560. There is a small up-tick for March.

Service Parts posted four jobs and Stock Room one; all were filled internally. In the Machine shop, the machining of Brass should begin in March, as most of the shop is on 8 hours except for a few areas that fell behind and will see some overtime. Machining cases for Hattiesburg won't begin until December.

The division has a safety team comprised of two from the shop and two from assembly. If you have safety concerns, contact them so they can follow up, inform management and fix the problems.

Everyone needs to look out for each other's safety; don't put yourself in harm's way, and keep using your lock-out/tag-out. Make sure you leave work in the same condition you arrived; all in one piece! Stay Union Strong.

-Gene Van Oss



We are witnessing the largest redistribution of wealth in our nation's history while the effects of the Great Recession still paralyze communities and working families. It's harder for working people to achieve or maintain a middle-class lifestyle despite increases in productivity and longer work hours. Entire communities have been devastated by bad policies designed to reward the wealthy. For communities and working people across the country, it seems as if the economy is like the weather, something unpredictable that happens to us. But the economy isn't like the weather—it doesn't just happen. Politicians support policies that foster an economy that works for Wall Street and the privileged few instead of one that works for everyone.

Common Sense Economics is a training and education program, conducted by and for union members and progressive allies, to educate working people on how our economy works and how actions and policies impact our economy. Below is a quiz from the interactive workshop guides at How much do you know about the issues that shape our lives, communities and economy? Answers are on the following page.


Six Walton family members, heirs to the Walmart fortune, have more wealth than what percent of America's families combined?

1% 5% 18% 42%


In 1980, the average CEO's pay was 42 times that of the average worker. Today, what is the CEO-to-worker pay ratio?

45:1 53:1 79:1 333:1


What grade did the American Society of Civil Engineers give the United States for infrastructure?

A- B C+ D+


There are more African Americans behind bars in the United States than the total prison populations of sub-Saharan Africa.

True False


How many of the 11 states with the highest African American voter turnout in 2008 subsequently passed more restrictive voter ID laws?

0 1 3 7


Since opening trade permanently with China, the United States has:

Lost 3.2 mllion jobs, of which 2.4 million were in manufacturing

Suffered job losses in all but one congressional district

Seen the U.S. trade deficit balloon to $324 billion

All the above


For every dollar a man is paid, how much does a woman earn?

Equal 95 cents 78 cents 54 cents


Americans have more student loan debt than credit card debt.

True False


Some 50,000 deaths in the United States are attributed to occupational diseases every year.

True False


“Right to work” laws help attract businesses and create jobs.

True False


In 2010, undocumented immigrants paid $10.6 billion in state and local taxes.

True False


Which of the following claims about Social Security are true:

Between 1960 and 2008, Social Security helped cut the poverty rate among seniors by more than two-thirds, from 35% to just under 10%.

Social Security has never added a penny to the deficit.

Social Security is not going broke.

All the above.


Enamel Shop

Orders for the walk-in tub are holding their own and look good for now. Whirlpool is working 10 hours daily and 8 on Saturdays. Manual Sinks and Robotics are scheduled 8 daily and 6 on Saturdays and subjedt to change, as we all know. Orders for Apron Sinks continue to rise; the same for most plate numbers in colors.

Start times for everyone in the shop will change, with the half-hour of overtime eliminated and everyone starting 12 minutes before the hour to allow for tool box meetings in the morning. We'll see how that goes.

Manual tubs are working 10 hours daily and 8 on Saturdays; or whatever can be worked out with management. The Company continues with their pan of producing 847-848 tubs on the ATL; so far not so great. Orders are good and inventory is improving.

NeoRoc is working tens daily and 6 on Saturdays. They had a great month of quality and production, and I can't understand why they want to move this work to Mexico. While not all will be moved, it would still be a substantial portion, but the crew currently working will not be affected. Glass sinks remain on 8 hours going forward, with orders steady but not up to projections.

Remember that when issues arise in the shop, bring them to your steward or me so we can get them resolved without involving the HR people. When they get involved, someone either gets an unwarranted write-up or is facing termination. We don't need that, especially when we can work it out ourselves. Remember that we stood out together for five weeks fighting for fairness and equality. Let's keep it together and work together as one Union. We are in this together!

-Bob Bastasic






Brass Division

Orders are 9.4% above last year but 10% below plan with a strong focus on scrap and warranty reduction. Kaizen events were held in Assembly this past week and will occur in Plating next week. Cast Machine work continues to be done in the Bar Building and Engine plant.

Sales are up 13.8 from last year but lag 4% from plan.

5 th floor Machine Shop, 4 th floor Rite Temp and Fusion working 40 hours until the latter adjust for manning as people move from the Next Gen area. 3rd floor Machine Shop and 2nd floor Hand Finishers are both scheduled nine hours with varying voluntary overtime. The rest of the floor is scheduled some overtime with voluntary hours available. 1 st floor Plating and Basemen Weld are working six days with hours adjusted depending on the work load.

In the Cast area, Foundry side working nine hours no Saturdays; Hand Finishers tens with scheduled Saturdays and Machine Operators 48 hours. Next Gen is still waiting on orders but has a huge rework project that will keep them busy. In D.C. Brass, the ATO area is working 40 hours with some overtime in critical cells; WIP on 8 hours with voluntary nine hours. Many machines continue to be moved in Die Cast and 2 nd floor Brass. Several new machines will be purchased for those areas.

Absenteeism is still a problem in some areas and smoking at non-designated

times is becoming a huge issue. The Company wants to nip this in the bud, so be advised they are watching this again.

-Mark Seefeldt


How Much Do You Know?

Answers to the quiz below



42%   In 2014, six Walmart heirs held as much wealth as 42.9% of the rest of the country. Yet many Walmart employees cannot earn a living wage or get full-time hours and must supplement their income with government assistance programs. That's your taxpayer dollars at work: People, employed by some of the richest people on Earth, having to rely on taxpayers to make ends meet.

333:1 In 2013, the average CEO made 331 times that of the average worker and 774 times that of a worker earning the federal minimum wage. America's workers are still productive, but they're being cut out of the share of corporate profits. In fact, if the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity since 1968, it would be $18.30 today.

D+ America's infrastructure is falling to pieces: Aging sewer systems spill more than 1 trillion gallons of untreated sewage each year; 25% of bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete; and nearly one-third of major roadways are in substandard condition—a significant factor in one-third of traffic fatalities each year. Increasing federal investment in our nation's crumbling infrastructure will boost the economy, create and sustain good jobs for U.S. workers and make America competitive in the 21st century.

True African Americans constitute nearly one-tenth of the world's prison population. The U.S. prison population has quadrupled since 1980 to 2.24 million people, of which nearly 1 million prisoners are African Americans. Private, for-profit prison companies benefit from locking up more and more people, advocate for harsh sentencing laws and welcome recidivism, which devastates communities.

7 In recent years, beyond the U.S. Supreme Court striking at the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, an increasing number of states are introducing—and passing—legislation designed to make it harder for people to vote, all in the name of “combating fraud.” Of course, there's no evidence to support this. In fact, in 2008, Wisconsin recorded more UFO sightings (40) than reports of improper voting (14) out of the 3 million votes cast.

All of the above A growing U.S. goods trade deficit with China has helped eliminate or displace 3.2 million jobs, with nearly three-quarters of those jobs in manufacturing. The United States also has piled up foreign debt and has lost its advantage in the high-value, high-end technology product industry. It's hard to compete with a country with low wages, weak labor laws and a history of currency manipulation.

78 cents The Equal Pay Act of 1963 made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to male and female employees who perform work requiring equal effort, skill and responsibility. Yet today, wage disparities between women and men are evident in the private and public sectors and at every educational level. The gender wage gap is smaller for union women than their nonunion sisters. The union advantage is clear for workers of color as well.

True Americans now owe more on their student loans—a whopping $1.3 trillion—than on their credit cards or car loans, burdening students during a time of stagnant wages and high youth unemployment. Meanwhile, Wall Street profits from private student loans and college banking agreements, and other financial companies rake in billions from student debt servicing and collections. Increased investment in state and local funding, especially as part of a federal matching funds program, is the biggest and best solution to make school more affordable, without sacrificing quality of instruction and student services.


True In 2012, 4,628 workers were killed on the job in the United States, and about 50,000 died from occupational diseases—a loss of 150 workers each day from hazardous working conditions. Although many workplace injuries are not reported, in 2012 nearly 3.8 million work-related injuries were reported. The United States must renew its commitment to protect workers from injury, disease and death by demanding employers to protect their workers and hold these employers accountable when they put workers in danger.

False In the decade prior to the passage of the anti-worker law in 2001, Oklahoma averaged 48 new manufacturing and service facilities annually. In the decade since, that number dropped to 32 new facilities each year. Right to work laws have racist origins and are pushed by radical right-wing think tanks, politicians and CEOs to undermine the basic rights of workers and weaken their unions while lining the pockets of the 1%. States with right to work laws have higher rates of workplace fatalities and unemployment, and workers earn about $1,500 less per year than workers in states without these laws.

True Just like every other American, whether taxed on goods and services like public utilities, clothing or property, undocumented immigrants pay taxes. According to a 2013 report from the Congressional Budget Office, passing compressive immigration reform would increase federal revenues by $459 billion over the 2014–2023 period and, during that same period, reduce the federal budget deficit by $197 billion.

All the above Social Security is by far the most financially healthy part of our retirement system. It embodies the core American values of hard work, caring for family and neighbors, prudent financial management and respect for dignity and independence. Social Security benefits should be strengthened, not cut.

Skilled Trades

We have 8 open jobs in Trades; 2 Electricians, 3 Electromechanics, 1 Utility Repair Support, 1 Maintenance Support and 1 Millwright. If interested, contact Connor Morrison.

Those working on their assessments need to remember that they must reach Skill 1 Range 2 by 18 months. If anyone is having issues with scheduling any labs or tests, contact me so we can get these resolved. Not getting to Skill 1 Range 2 in 18 months can result in being laid off or forced to take a production job.

I want to remind everyone who has their own tools in the plant that if you need to take them home for any reason, you need to obtain a property pass to take them off company property. Even though they are your tools, the company considers this theft, and you could be suspended or terminated, so please, make sure you get a property pass.

I'd like to welcome two new stewards; Nick Bergin in Cast Iron, and Cory Weber in the Brass Building.

-Jerry Krutzik



We have 5 open jobs and lots of overtime. The Osborn went back to 3 shifts; otherwise it's the same as always in the Foundry. As for the 2 week shutdown this summer, you all saw the agreement posted. Nothing was posted about what was needed and what wasn't needed by February 1, so as far as I'm concerned, the 2nd week of shutdown is voluntary so you don't have to use vacation.

-Dave Ertel


Distribution Center

The D.C. has started the new year on a different note. We've been working nine hours a day, voluntary tens and six hours on Saturdays. We acquired about 10 people from Manpower and about 4 Union members from Engines, as there were multiple job postings last month. We will be entering the 2nd phase of the relay out; this will be the pick module. Testing and training began in February.

-Wade Rasmussen


Health and Safety

If you are filing for short-term disability , it is not good enough if the doctor puts on your excuse “NO WORK.” The doctor should instead be listing your restrictions; examples: No walking, no standing, can only lift 5 lbs, right handed work only, etc. It is Kohler's decision if they have work within those restrictions.

If you are a new employee at Kohler, you need to enroll in benefits before your 90 days . If you don't enroll before the 90 days, you, and only you, will be enrolled in the High Deductible insurance plan. Enrollment is done on the computer; if you need help please come to the Union hall.

-Penny Sawall


Is Retirement Puzzling To You?

Veritas Financial will be presenting two sessions of retirement workshops

“RETIRE RIGHT” at Emil Mazey. Session 1 will be Tuesday, March 21 at 3:15 pm and 7:15 pm. Session 2 will be Wednesday, March 22 at 3:15 pm and 7:15. Please call the hall for further information at 458-2173.



Attention All Workers


NO Creative Thinking

Will Be Allowed.


All Demonstrations

of Intelligence are


and will be

dealt with severely.






























Orders have weakened slightly which may affect the Pressure area and Manual Cast, but there is no anticipated reduction in personnel.

Regarding respectful workplace, I'd like to believe that we are all adults and understand why we're here. If you have issues, please see your Union steward or Chief Steward before requesting HR. I've always told the new Union stewards that the hardest thing to do is tell somebody that they do not have a grievance. While there are times and valid reasons to contact HR, we don't need to run there just because somebody looked at you cross-eyed. Remember the reason we're here is to make money to buy stuff. If you're coming here to develop social acquaintances, I suggest Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Basic shop rules are: come to work, do your job, go home.

Don't forget to get your vacation requests in for deer hunting and so on. We'll be seeing many new faces as retirements continue. Be friendly and welcoming to those coming to the division.

-Scott Wagner



Scholarship Applications are available at the hall. Local 833 applications must be completed and returned no later than March 24, 2017. UAW Sheboygan Area CAP Council applications must be postmarked on or before Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Deadlines are firm with no exceptions.


2017 UAW Golf Tournament Forms will be available at the March Membership meeting, March 18 at Emil Mazey Hall.



Veteran-Themed T-Shirts: Those interested in ordering from a large selection of designs are encouraged to stop at the hall. The shirts feature high quality Veterans' themes designed by a veteran and printed in a Union shop. Pricing will be dependent upon the demand and size of order and will require pre-payment. For more info, please stop at the hall.


Spring Bazaar Saturday, March 18, 2017 . Local 833 Community Services Committee is hosting the craft fair featuring a wide variety of crafts and goods. Food and refreshment will be available, with all proceeds going to local area charities and scholarships for 833 members and their families. The bazaar will begin at 9:00am and run until 2:00pm.





March 1 Retirees Bingo 1:00 p.m. – Worker Comp. Lawyers

March 2 Sheboygan Clinic Rep. 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

March 4 Casino Night – 5:00 p.m. doors open

March 8 Conservation Committee Meeting – 4:00 p.m.

March 13 Executive Board 3:00 p.m.

March 16 Stewards Meeting – 7:15 a.m., 1:00 p.m. & 3:15 p.m.

March 16 United Health Rep. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

March 16 Sheboygan Clinic Rep. 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

March 18 Spring Bazaar

March 18 Membership Meeting – 7:00 p.m.

March 30 Informational Meetings – 3:30 p.m., 11:15 p.m.

March 31 Informational Meetings – 7:30 a.m.



Penny Sawall, Editor February 2016

From the Desk of the President -

Tim Tayloe

Two topics I want everyone to think about #1 SAFETY. Start thinking it! Believing it! Living it! Always put safety first. Have you had a safety related issue that is not being addressed? Have you addressed it at the divisional level without results? What is the next step? You may try sending an email to, when all other avenues have been exhausted.

#2 HEALTH ASSESSMENTS: Did you do your health assessment? Kohler has agreed to extend the enrollment period to take the Health assessment through March 11, 2016.

If you have problems registering on the website, you may call 1-866-513-2504 or stop at your Union hall and we will try to assist. Computers are available at your Union hall for you to use. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes. This means $250 dollars to you . Why would you not take a few minutes to answer a few questions?



Brass/Faucet Division

Mike Davidson, Steward

The Brass/Faucet division remains busy with many areas on overtime as they continue to work on reducing the PDNC (past due not covered).

The target for PDNC is 10,000 pieces by the end of the quarter and 5,000 pieces by the end of June.

Orders for the month are 10% above plan and shipments are a little below plan.

The rite temp area has, for the most part, recovered and I expect the ones from other areas, who helped out, to return to their home departments soon.

The die cast finishers are on 8, voluntary 10, and voluntary Saturdays. Machining is on 8 and 8 Saturday. Casters are on 10 and 8 on Saturday.

A.T.O. has been on 8 hours the last two weeks. I assume there are parts issues, however, orders are starting to climb and the schedule should reflect that.

WIP, brass packing, and service parts remain on overtime as they approach the month end push.

There are a lot of changes going on in the D.C. Brass. Some things will be very different than the current processes. Hang in there.

As of last Friday they still have 49 unfilled positions.


Enamel Division

Bob Bastasic, Chief Steward

Whirlpool is scheduled 8 hours per day with no overtime currently. A new person starts Monday and there are two retiring at the end of March.

Manual tubs are scheduled 9 to 10 hours per day with 8 hour Saturdays. Receptors are still the big driver, but tub orders are up slightly.

Manual sinks & robotic sinks: manual sinks will be on 8.5 hours for a while with 8 hours Saturdays. As usual apron sinks are still the big seller, but retail orders are also up. Robots are still at 8.2 hours. Right now most everything they are making is filling orders. There is no safety stock anywhere.

Glass sinks will still be on some kind of overtime for a while. They have moved back the reline of the furnace to May 5. It took a while to line-up a contractor.

They are looking for people to join in on keeping the enamel shop clean. They are asking if you are down or get done a little early that you clean the surrounding area. This is coming down from the very top.


Distribution Center

Wade Rasmussen, Chief Steward

For the past month the D.C. has been working 9 and 10 hours a day with scheduled Saturdays. They are starting a re-layout of the building that is expected to take up to two years to complete. I hope this project does not drive our overtime hours up. This past week they had a new building manager start. I look forward to working with this person. I am being optimistic that issues can be resolved.

There were eleven open jobs in the D.C. All of the jobs went to the Union hall, and now to the street.

Corporate receiving has been working 8 to 9 hours a day with minimal Saturday work. The spotters have been working minimal overtime. There are five newly created over-the-road truck driving jobs created. If anyone would like information on the requirements of the positions, please contact me or K.T.I. I like the fact that our Union plant is growing, but let's work together to keep it Union and Union Strong!

In closing, we are all back to work after the strike and trying to put our lives back to normal. The Company calls the five weeks off work, a work stoppage. A work stoppage is when there is a shipping embargo, a power outage or an act of God that halts production to set the record straight. We as a strong Union went on strike, we as a Union walked off the job. We stood up for ourselves and the next generation. We won the battle by being Union strong, but the war will always live on. We must never let our guard down, but be strong for ourselves, for each other and future Union workers.


Foundry Division

Dave Ertel, Chief Steward

It is the same old story in the foundry. They are way behind because of our five week vacation. They will be working lots of hours on the Herman for the foreseeable future. The Osborn will be on Saturdays until April if they don't get some orders to make up for what they lost.


Engine Division

Eugene Van Oss, Chief Steward

Assembly is working 9 hours and one week of 10 hours for the month of February. The number of engines per day was 650 to 675. That number looks to be the same for next month. They are looking at working 9 hours a day for March and at least two Saturdays. All the jobs for assembly have been filled. There are some jobs for the stockroom and service parts. Most of those are on second shift.

In the machine shop they are still working a lot of overtime with break downs, it's hard for the shop to get ahead. The rods are working seven days a week, along with Cargill, and anywhere else it is needed. Some of the jobs in the shop were filled. There might be some openings on second shift. They have a lot of new people showing up. I would like everyone to welcome them and help them with their transition into the engine plant.

The stockroom is working just as many hours as the lines and shop. At times those people get overlooked. I would like to thank them for their effort to keep the assembly line and machine shop running.

Service parts have been working overtime when needed. They did post some jobs there. They still have a second shift opening. This is a good way to get started in the engine plant. Everyone should be proud to be Union Strong.


Pottery Division

Scott Wagner, Chief Steward

I wish my report would change a little more than the previous month but everything remains positive and the same. Because of the lack of bodies they are still working Saturdays in the casting areas; both pressure cast and manual cast. There is open ended overtime in processing to cover for retirements and injuries. I've been told that orders are good and they plan to be on overtime for some time.

Remember your one preferred Saturday off of your choice, this doesn't mean if there is a holiday that Saturday is your Saturday off. That is covered in the contract and not part of the pottery's Saturday off policy. If you have any problems get a hold of your steward. There should be more and more jobs being posted and clearing the building and coming to the hall. If you are interested, watch the website and the hall.


Skilled Trades Division

Dennis Konitzer, Chief Steward

To all my Union members I wish you a good day. Right now, we have eighteen open jobs. The list is as follows: eight electro-mechanics, five maintenance mechanics, two industrial electricians, one electrician, one electrician support, and one pattern maker.

Engines maintenance is working on starting a weekend crew; running Friday through Sunday for 12 hour days and nights, first and third shift positions.

Foundry maintenance came up with a weekend schedule for the conventional shift for Saturdays off. They have been posted.

Again, I would like to discuss the assessment program. Any new employees that are in the assessment must complete their ninety days through skill level one, range two, within eighteen months. If this is not completed, you may be looking at getting a job in production or being laid off per contract. There have been members of skilled trades that have not completed their assessments and had to relinquish their jobs in skilled trades.

If anyone is interested in a job in skilled trades please contact Jennifer Watson or Connie Novak.

As of now, there is overtime in all departments due to the lack of filling positions.

As I said last month, I have talked to the managers in the divisions, about outside contractors and they said, “When their open positions are filled they will let the outside contractors go.”

As we all know, we are still discussing our new policy for two half days annually. Between the conventional shifts and twelve hour shifts, we are trying to work out a solution for hours worked on half day vacations.


Generator Division

Kevin Weyers, Chief Steward

Generator orders have not shown a lot of improvement this month. Not great but not horrible either. Most areas are on forty hour work weeks.

At this moment they have one position going to the hall, three going through the divisional posting process and at least seven additional positions being posted in the next week.

All of the supplement B pay changes should have been completed. We are still working on criteria for the newly created skill 4, power systems fab call positions. Be patient as I would prefer to implement the requirements correctly the first time, rather than do it wrong and end up redoing the whole thing.

Election for Recording Secretary will be March 9 th at the Generator main plant. Muth and KWIP warehouses will vote on March 10 th .

After last year's mix up, I'll give everyone early notice that this year's power group retirement party will be Thursday, September 29 th . Mark your calendar.


Monthly Schedule

Executive Board Mtg Conservation Committee Mtg

Mon., March 7 Wed., March 9 @ 4:00 p.m.

3 p.m.Emil Mazey Hall Emil Mazey Hall

Stewards Mtgs Membership Mtg

Thurs., March 10 Sat, March 12

7:15am, 1pm, 3:15pm 7 p.m. (drawing for 50 hams) Emil Mazey Hall

Spring Bazaar

Saturday, March 12

Emil Mazey Hall, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Food and refreshments available; Free Admission!

Crafters/vendors; Spaces available $20


Informational Mtgs

Thurs., March 17 @ 3:30pm.

Thurs., March 17 @ 11:15pm.

Fri.., March 18 @ 7:30am.

Emil Mazey Hall

Casino Night

Saturday, March 19

Tickets $25 (includes lunch and casino cash)

Doors open at 5 p.m.; Gaming 6-9 p.m.

Free Beer 6-8 p.m.

Fun! Food! Verbal Auction & Raffles!

Proceeds go to charities

Purchase tickets at the hall now!

Advance ticket holders to receive a

key for a chance to win entry fee back!


Dryer winner – Tom Dickmann

CAP Ticket winner – Larry Thimmig

Patio Heater – Diane Meyer



Penny Sawall, Editor January 2016



From the Desk of the President

Tim Tayloe

Yes, we know all pay checks are wrong. The Company is telling us for February 12 most are going to be taken care of. There are about 40 people who are not going to be adjusted until the end of February. Please watch your pay check. Keep track of the hours worked; not just this time all the time.

I want to bring up safety. Everyone in this Company should be thinking it. Always ask yourself before doing something is it safe. Lock/out tag/out is a must. You should never take a chance at getting hurt or hurting someone else. Please be smart on safety.

People are asking about heaters that were on the lines. All were sold except one. It will be raffled off at the next informational meeting. All tents have been sold. As things are slowly getting back to almost normal, the hall is being put back together. Then we will start walking the divisions to stay in touch with the members.

Remember Union meetings are for ALL members. You should have your Union card to get in but I know if and who is in good standings with our Union. These meetings update everyone on things going on in all divisions. It is a good way for me to hear of problems in the plant. This Union is stronger than ever. We showed why we need it. It's not Right not to Belong. We have to stand together.

Kohler doesn't own us, we work for them. Be proud of how we stood side by side to fight for our rights. Those who crossed were thinking of nothing but themselves. Never forget why we were out on the street together. Stay strong with your Union brothers and sisters.

Brass/Faucet Division

Mark Seefeldt, Chief Steward

The orders for January were soft which gave them a chance to drop the past due orders by 33%. That brought it down to just over 59 thousand parts still past due. Most of the areas are on some sort of overtime, with some mandatory up to 10's and Saturdays or voluntary to include Sundays. The two reasons being mega part shortages and the fact that they have taken people out of every area to work on 4th floor rite temp. This is because they are still working the bugs out of the new next jen cell.

4th floor remains top priority they have gotten down to just over five thousand parts behind as of the beginning of January. Their hope is to be current by the end of February.

They have about 70 open positions of which 54 have gone to the street.


Enamel Division

Bob Bastasic, Chief Steward

Whirlpool will be on 40 hrs per week as of right now. Orders are unclear right now. There is one opening in there. The incoming rate for Tier A is $20.12 going up to $21.00.

Glass sinks are producing 50 parts per day, now through March. This is a build for the April shutdown, for the furnace reline. Orders are looking real good.

Glass production is on 8 hrs. per day with some overtime to cover for the ATL.

Manual tubs are working 9 to 10 hrs. per day, with 8 hr. Saturdays. Receptors are still the big driver, but tub orders are slightly up also.

Manual and Robotic tubs are working 8 hrs. per day with 8 hr. Saturdays. With the open furnaces on the robot end they are asking anyone to work over. They are so far behind that everyone can plan on working every Saturday unless it is posted off.

Again, thanks for all your support during the Strike. Without all of you standing together, we couldn't have done what we did.


Distribution Center

Wade Rasmussen, Chief Steward

9 to 10 hours a day with voluntary Saturdays. The last Saturday of the month will be 8 hours. They posted 8 hours this coming Saturday. Currently, there are three open positions on second shift that cleared the division. Loose ends are getting tied up. The Saturday off schedule and vacation policy are done. They are still working on the skill levels, which will be done soon.

Corporate receiving has been working 8 and 9 hours a day. They are going to have a few busy weeks coming up with inbound shipping containers of brass coming in. The spotters have not been on too much overtime since no one is on vacation yet. The over-the-road driver's supplement was revised and should be in everyone's mail box.

On a personal note, I was overwhelmed by the show of support for the bargaining committee by the membership during the contract negptiation & strike. We all stood together for our cause. Our members were meeting members from other divisions and making new friends within our membership. Some of us even put our differences aside that we had with fellow union members and stood side-by-side. We showed a sign of solidarity that is rarely seen at this time. We showed not only the Company, but the state and the nation that we are Union Strong. Let's keep that same spirit going for the next four years. I am proud of every Local 833 member that stood behind me and the rest of the bargaining committee. To the membership, I would like to say thank you!

Foundry Division

Dave Ertel, Chief Steward

We are way behind because of our five week vacation (strike). They will be working lot's of hours on the Herman in the foreseeable future. They will probably have off two Saturdays in February; one for bowling and one to work on the Herman sand system.

The Osborn will be on Saturdays until April if they don't get some orders to make up for what they lost. They will only work one Saturday a month. They have about 15 open jobs; if you know anybody that needs a job...

Thank you all for your support during the Strike.

Pottery Division

Scott Wagner, Chief Steward

We returned to work in December to a kiln that was down not knowing how serious the damage would be. The Company shuffled kilns to keep up with production from the cast shop that continued to work at full staff and production. The Company that built the kiln sent someone from Germany. They determined that they could wait until summer shutdown to fix it the proper way.

They informed us that they will be having a two week summer shutdown; last week in July and first week in August. Please note dates have been changed.

Hopefully, by the time this letter gets out all pay issues should be taken care of. Let me know if it hasn't been resolved.

The construction has started on the hotel room in the pottery to resemble a luxury room in the Kohler motel in Green Bay (Lambeau).

I have been told business is strong and they expect overtime in all areas. Hopefully, this will bring more full-time people in the building.


Engine Division

Eugene Van Oss, Chief Steward

I would like to thank all the Union members for their support. It was good to see all the Union members sticking together. Now that we are back to work it's time to put that in the past. Never forget the burning barrels. Let's show that we can look to the future, and build a higher quality of engine for our customers.

In assembly they are working 9 hours a day and some Saturdays. They posted seven permanent jobs in assembly. They will be posting more when people retire. There has been teams set-up to help design the new B-line, coming in the fall of 2016. If anyone would like to make suggestions or be on one of those teams you can see your foreman.

In the machine shop they are working a lot of overtime trying to get the shop back on track. They posted seven jobs in the shop. They are working Sundays in the rod cells. Cargrill: remember to keep using your lockout/tagout no matter how long it takes!!

The service building and stockroom are on some type of overtime. They posted jobs in the stockroom and service parts. If you are interested in working in the Engine plant there are some opportunities to get your foot in the door, even if you have to come through the stockroom first. We are all in this together. Everyone should be proud to be Union strong!

Generator Division

Kevin Weyers, Chief Steward

Welcome Back! At this time I would like to thank all of my Union Brothers and Sisters for standing with the Bargaining Committee through the rain, cold, and hardships, to bring a favorable outcome to our contractual dispute. All of you deserve a round of applause for your dedication to our Union. Without you, we as a Bargaining Committee could not have accomplished anything. Again, thank you! On behalf of the membership, I would also like to thank Tim Tayloe and Jim Brock for their unwavering dedication and leadership through the entire strike.

Generator division is finally getting back to a somewhat normal routine.

Generator orders are flat this month. Most areas are on forty hour work weeks. A few areas are working some overtime.

At this moment they have one position going through the division posting process with an additional four positions being posted soon. As the year progresses I believe we will have quite a number of retirements. This will create a significant number of Generator positions in all areas and shifts. If you are waiting for a particular position or shift to become available, watch the listings at the hall.

Skilled Trades

Dennis Konitzer, Chief Steward

Right now they have ten open jobs; four electro-mechanic, four maintenance mechanics, one industrial electrician, and one electrician.

They are working on a Saturday-off schedule for Cast Iron Maintenance.

I have talked to some of the managers about outside contractors. They said that when they can fill their open jobs then the contractors would be out of here.

There is overtime in almost all departments.


Emil Mazey Hall is accepting resumes

Looking for a qualified bar manager.

Looking for a part-time bartender for weddings, Union meetings, etc.

Looking for a part-time cleaning person to help after big events. It would be on weekends for a few hours.

If interested call the hall 458-2173 or stop in.



Penny Sawall, Editor                                                                                                                           September, 2015


From the Desk of the President

Tim Tayloe

Thank you to all members for the high turnout at all three Union meetings. To be informed is to show up! Next informational meeting is October 29 – 30. At this meeting the Strike Authorization Vote will take place. Have your Union card or gate pass with you.

Heads up in early October there will be surveys being put out in plant. Your stewards and chief stewards will be handing them out. Please fill out the survey and give them back to your steward or chief steward.

Negotiations start October 5 at 1:00 p.m.

Stick together! We are all Union!


Pottery Division

Chief Steward Scott Wagner

Once again my report contains overtime in all areas of the pottery. Is it because of orders or the contract? It does seem that all transfers are taking a long time to move and open jobs to be filled. If you are a flex and would like a permanent job call the hall they should be able to direct you.

I have met with pottery management with a supplement B proposal and I am waiting for their response. We are currently preparing for contract negotiations. In the next week I'll be in negotiations and Jim Noel will be filling in for me. Make sure you mind your p's and q's. It's contract time.

Enamel Division

Chief Steward Bob Bastasic

Whirlpool will most likely still be on some sort of reduced work schedule. The orders are there but are just coming in at a lower rate. There is work in other areas that needs to get done. They have moved people around to get this done and keep everyone in the building.

Manual Tubs going forward looks like 9s and voluntary 10s with maybe the possibility of mandatory 10s and 8s on Saturday's going forward. Receptors are still the big driver in all the plate numbers and tub orders are surprisingly strong yet.

Glass sink's schedule is the same as last month, steady orders and trying to keep up with the painted sink orders. There may be some overtime but they aren't sure yet. They are doing some cross training to get everyone up to speed on everything.

Manual sinks & Robotic sinks 8s per day with 8s on Saturdays for a while I was told. As we all know this is always

up to change. There will still be the overtime on the Robots during the week for people to fill in the empty spots. As always apron sinks are still and will be for a long time the big driver for all the overtime. Sink orders are steady. They are behind on robotic lavs and manual lavs. The number is 250 a day in the box. Next year that number is going to 300 in a box. There should be the new style apron sink in the shop today or tomorrow, to start test runs on. It looks good in here for us with the work that needs to be done. According to JJ these numbers are real not stock pile numbers. We will see if that is true in a few weeks.

Distribution Center

Chief Steward Wade Rasmussen

It is the same old song and dance in the Distribution Center. 10 hours a day, voluntary 12 hours and 8 hours every Saturday. I keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel

but I have not seen it yet. Maybe we are challenging the foundry to see who can be posted the most overtime in a year.

Because of the excessive overtime, patience has been wearing thin and tempers are flaring. Let's face it most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our own families.

If there is an issue, watch your language and your conduct. Contact a Union steward, even if you are not involved, so it can be resolved among ourselves. Once an issue goes to management or security, labor relations is involved. We are one Union. We can work our differences out.

I would like to thank the Union members of Corporate Receiving and K.T.I. for the big turnout at the contract informational meeting. I met with the new manager of K.T.I. He has worked with Union drivers in the past so hopefully all will run smooth. Corporate Receiving has been working 9 hours a day with voluntary Saturdays. The spotters have been working overtime and doing local runs because of vacations.

I had gotten a hold of an employee hand book from a local company. On one of the pages in bold letters says, “UNION FREE ENVIRONMENT”. It claims that “they do not need a third party coming between them or interfering with their cooperative relationship.” “There is little advantage to the common interest to their employees from third party representation.” “They feel that Unions have little to offer to the well-being of their employees and they are committed to maintaining a Union free environment. All employees are “at will workers”, which means anyone can be terminated without reason. The next time you ask what has the Union done for you, quit and go work there.

Foundry Division

Chief Steward Dave Ertel

In the foundry it's the same old story; lots of hours 58 to 80 a week. A lot of open jobs ten to twelve. The hours are going to continue till contract and maybe after contract but I bet somehow we will catch up after that.

If anybody has something they would like me to try to get fixed at contract please let me know. I will add it to my list.

United Way is next month. Anyone that donates in the foundry will be entered into a drawing for some door prizes.


Brass/Faucet Division

Chief Steward Mark Seefeldt

As for the brass division orders and shipments are a little behind for September. They have reduced the overall forecast for the year. Not by a significant amount but none the less it is a reduction. Overtime looks to be about the same as the last couple of months. They are still looking for people but they are hard to find. Rite Temp is severely behind to the tune of about 100,000 pcs. The major reasons for this are the supply interruptions the new Next Gen Rite Temp has caused. They are also working on forward scheduling in the assembly area. It is showing great promise for reducing/eliminating delivery issues.

The work schedules look pretty much the same. The 3 rd and 5 th floor machine shops are 40s with voluntary 8s on Saturday. The 4 th floor rite temp and fusion are still running voluntary 10s, 8 on Saturdays with voluntary Sundays. The 2 nd floor hand finishing just went to 40 hours this week. The cells are varying in hours depending on the work load. The 1 st floor plating and P.V.D. along with special finish and basement weld are working voluntary 9s and 8s on Saturdays.

The D.C. Brass A.T.O. and W.I.P. are working 9s with 6s on Saturday. The brass packing area is 9s with voluntary 10s and 8s on Saturday. Service parts are running 9s with voluntary 8s on Saturday.

Over in the cast building hand finishers are back to voluntary 10s and voluntary Saturday. Machining cells are mandatory 48 hours. On the cast side of the wall they are voluntary 10s and voluntary Saturdays.

They still have several open permanent positions with most being in the A.T.O. area.


Generator Division

Chief Steward Kevin Weyers

Generator orders are down this month. ATS, C-line towables, and residentials are up slightly. A, C, D, and F lines are down. Most areas are or will shortly be on forty hour work weeks. Metal processing areas will still see some overtime based on the current order schedule. Electronics will also have select areas working some overtime.

At this moment they have three unfilled positions going through the divisional posting process.

They are currently undergoing the recertification for ISO 9001. ISO certification is a prerequisite required by many of their customers. If the auditor asks you questions about the policies or procedures, answer them to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer, say so. ISO certification is a very important part of the continued success in the Generator business.

Contract negotiations will begin on October 5. I will not be available on a daily basis. Starting then if you have issues, see your steward. If your steward cannot resolve the issue, he will be able to contact me at the hall. If the issue is time sensitive or cannot wait, contact Dave Vertin in the leads department. He will be filling in for me during my absence.

Stand united and we will see this contract through to a FAIR resolution!

Engine Division

Chief Steward Eugene VanOss

The Engine plant is still on a lot of overtime. In the machine shop they are working 9 to 10 hours a day, Saturdays, and some voluntary work for Sundays. They finally got the rod cell running. The bugs are still being worked out of it.

In assembly the build number is 600 to 625 for the B-line. On the A-line they're trying to build 85 a day but with the lack of people this doesn't happen. The Pro-line build is around 100 to 110 per day. They are still building the 824. It's been a slow start on that Engine. They are looking at building 52 of that engine this month. They are hoping that the 824 engine will start to improve in sales next year. They have been talking about posting more jobs in assembly.

At the service building they're working 9 and 10 hours a day.

Same in the stockroom they're working a lot of overtime. There's a job posted for days in the stockroom. It should make it to the hall.

I'm looking for a second shift steward in the machine shop. If anyone is interested come and see me.


Skilled Trades

Chief Steward Dennis Konitzer

The Kohler Company employees who work under John Widstrand will be required to sign a form attesting that they have a valid driver's license.

Job postings within the plant that require vacation coverage, you will have to cover vacations which may be on different shifts. If you don't want to cover vacations don't sign that posting.

Remember contract is coming soon I need skilled trades to stick behind me so I can do the best job possible.

As of right now there is plenty of overtime in all departments. They have six open jobs which are three electro mechanics, all in cast iron, two on third shift weekend crew and one on third shift; one electrical support, first shift, hours depend on school schedule; one welder, crew c central shops and one third shift maintenance mechanic cast iron.

I would like to welcome two new stewards in skilled trades. They are Cory Weber in brass covering all shifts and Neil Schmidt in cast iron third shift weekend crew.

Thank you for your support!

Monthly Schedule
Executive Board Conservation Committee

Mon., Oct. 12, 2015 @ 3p.m. Wed., Oct. 14, 2015 @ 4p.m.

Emil Mazey Hall Emil Mazey Hall


Stewards Meetings UAW Craft Fair

Thurs., Oct. 15, 2015 Sat., Oct. 17, 9a.m. – 3p.m.

7:15a.m., 1p.m., 3:15p.m. Emil Mazey Hall

(stewards attendance required ) Free Admission!!


Membership Meetings Informational/Strike

Sat., Oct. 17 @ 7p.m. Authorization Meeting

Emil Mazey Hall Thurs., Oct. 29 @ 3:30p.m.
Thurs., Oct. 29 @ 11:15p.m.
Fri., Oct. 30 @ 7:30a.m.

Emil Mazey Hall


Cooler of Booze and CAP Ticket Winners :

•  Dave Billmann – picked $610 in CAP tickets

•  Barb Puddy – picked $600 in CAP tickets

  1. Keith Arneson – received Cooler of Booze


Resumes are being accepted for bartender for weddings and events at the Emil Mazey Hall, 5425 Superior Avenue, Sheboygan; must have a bartender's license. Please apply in person.


Penny Sawall, Editor August 2015

From the Desk of the President
Tim Tayloe

I want to thank everyone who took time to come to the meetings the last month. Bringing divisions out one at a time in my eyes was a good thing.

I was once told to lead is to listen. This was a chance for me to listen. There was a lot of good discussion in these meetings.

You know brothers and sisters, solidarity has to mean something. We all wear our Union shirts, jackets, and hats with great pride. We push on because we want a better life. We want to spend more time with our family and friends. We want to build for all our futures.

Brothers and sisters with contract coming up I know everyone is listening. We have to build this Union in a way that gives pride back to the UAW members. Become one. That's what builds inner strength and power.

We have to communicate to one another in ways we never did before. How do we work together for a better tomorrow? Really think about it.

If we are not communicating and educating our Union brothers and sisters; who are just starting, how can we become a stronger Union, right?

Yes, it is contract time. If we are really going to meet the challenges we need all of us together, all of us to engage, and all of us to engage in solidarity. This time around we want a FAIR CONTRACT.

I want to work out problems with the Company as long as it doesn't hurt our members. We need to bring the pride back as UAW Kohler workers.

It starts with the Company sitting down with our Union and negotiating a FAIR CONTRACT.

Stand strong, hold your head high, we are UNION! In solidarity brothers and sisters, stand together.

Union cards are in the mail; watch for the envelope marked card enclosed. If you don't receive one in the next week please call the hall (920) 458-2173 or from in the plant extension 77833.


Foundry Division
Chief Steward Dave Ertel

All areas are very busy whether or not the orders are real or they are just building for contract. Contract is only a couple months away. We must show the Company we are going to stay together. The fighting and arguing has to stop. Have a good Labor Day weekend.


Enamel Division
Chief Steward Bob Bastasic

Good day from the enamel shop. I would like to welcome Eddie Konaha as steward for the 2 nd shift.

Manual sinks are scheduled 8.2 hrs. per day and one more 6.2 hr. Saturday. They said they're going to 8.2 hr. Saturdays after Labor Day. Apron sinks are still the big driver. 5827 and 26s are going up more. They are 350 pieces over forecast.

Robotic sinks are scheduled 8.2 hrs. per day and one more 6.2 hr. Saturday. Then it will be the same as manuals going to 8.2 Saturdays. It sounds like they will still need people to cover on other shifts.

Manual tubs are scheduled 9 hrs. per day, voluntary 10 hrs. and Saturdays. They aren't sure if tubs are going to 8 hr. Saturdays. Receptors are still the big driver. They are 650 pieces over forecast. Tub orders are up on some plate numbers.

Whirlpool as of right now, it looks like 32 hrs. for a few more weeks. Orders are still slow. They are going to meet and see what is in store for them.

Glass sinks are scheduled 8 hrs. per day and no Saturdays. The plan is for 600 sinks next month. Paint orders are still very strong.


Brass/Faucet Division
Steward Mark Seefeldt

Orders and shipments were right on plan for August. As far as work schedules go the 5 th floor and 3 rd floor machine shops are working 40s with select areas having voluntary Saturdays. 4 th floor rite temp and fusion are working voluntary 10s, mandatory Saturdays with voluntary Sundays. The 2 nd floor hand finishers are voluntary 10s and voluntary Saturdays. Machine centers vary depending on the work load. They are anywhere from voluntary 9s and 10s to mandatory 58s with some having voluntary Sundays. Three new laser machines have arrived and are in the process of being setup. 1 st floor plating and basement weld are working mandatory 9s and hit and miss as far as Saturdays go. The special finish area is 8s, with voluntary 9s and Saturdays.

A.T.O. and W.I.P. are mandatory 9s with 6s on Saturdays. They are working on adding more front line leaders and engineering support to this area. They are also piloting a new scheduling system in that area. The brass packing is working 10s, voluntary 12s and Saturdays. Service parts are working 9s, voluntary 10s and voluntary Saturdays. There are a lot of new people in all three of these areas. Because of this mega training is going on.

Over in the cast area hand finish is working voluntary 10s and some voluntary Saturdays. The machine centers are working 8s with mandatory Saturdays. On the casting side for the most part they are working voluntary over time. They are doing a lot of painting and redoing the floors along with complete remodeling of the locker rooms and bath rooms in that area.

The bar building is doing a lot of painting and clean up. The college students will be leaving soon and they did a good job once again. They have 50 open positions between permanent and flex positions.


Pottery Division
Chief Steward Scott Wagner

Same old story there is over time all over the division. More new faces showing up all over the pottery to fill some of the open jobs. Now on the horizon of the contract negotiations I've been working on Supplement B proposals and hope to meet with pottery management shortly to discuss those.

As a whole bargaining unit we have started going through language and survey results. With those numbers in place we know where our priorities should be focused on. Not much else to say but we need your support and trust.

Generator Division

Chief Steward Kevin Weyers

Generator orders are flat this month. A, C and E line orders are up slightly. D and F lines are down. The Automatic Transfer Switch orders are up.

They have three unfilled positions which have cleared the hall and went to the flex force. They should be posting a small generator assembly position in the next week. Generator has posted eighteen flex opportunities to be filled. Surprisingly enough, these positions are slowly getting filled.

The building is starting to get back in shape with all of the area moves now complete. There may be some small changes still in the works yet but all of the major relocation of areas has been completed.

I would like to welcome Jamie Caldwell as a new steward for 3 rd shift material handlers.

It seems that a lot of people are on edge lately. I do understand the feeling of uncertainty we all have when the future is unclear because of the impending contract. Don't allow the small issues to be perceived as large problems. All these petty issues take time away from the major issue of forming and negotiating a FAIR contract for all of our members. All Union brothers and sisters need to stand united and let the Company know, this is NOT 2010.

Engine Division

Chief Steward Eugene Van Oss

Again starting the month out was pretty rough with running a lot of overtime. The aftermarket parts are working 10 hrs., the shop is working 9, 10 and Sundays, the stockroom is trying to keep up to the lines, the shop, and shipping out Hattiesburg parts. There's not enough time in the day.

I would like to thank all the summer students for all their help. Hopefully, you learned a little and made some money to help you out in school. Maybe you made enough to pay for your books.

There's been a big rework project going on; finding a crack in the lifter bore, over 8,000 engines to be reworked. A lot of them have been gone through. They are still trying to get the rod cell up and running. It has to be running by September 1.

Keep wearing your Union shirts. Show that you are Union strong. Anyone interested in being a third shift steward for the shop please see me.


Skilled Trades

Chief Steward Dennis Konitzer

We all know that there is over time in almost all departments.

Right now they have six open jobs. They are four electro mechanics, three on third shift weekend crew cast iron maintenance and one on third shift cast iron maintenance; one millwright, first shift generator and one electrical support 1 st shift central shops.

I would like to thank Clifton Harp. He will be steward in cast iron maintenance second shift.

No changes over the last month. I want to remind you to keep lock/out tag/out on your mind.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.


Distribution Center

Steward Wade Rasmussen

I would like to start by welcoming all the new Union members in the Distribution Center that started in the past few weeks. I apologize for not being in the plant on your first day to introduce myself. They still have some open permanent positions. They are down to zero flex in the division.

Currently, in the Distribution Center, they are still on maximum over time. For the third month in a row, they have been working 10 hrs. a day, 8 hr. Saturdays, and voluntary Sundays. With this volume of new employees coming in the training process has been slowed down. An added reminder, I understand people are working a lot of hours. Emotions and tempers are high but please watch your conduct and what you say to others.

Corporate receiving has been scheduled 9 hrs. a day with voluntary Saturdays. The spotters have been working over time due to vacations and the increased volume coming in and out of the D.C. along with the increased production in other divisions.

I took a long deserved vacation a few weeks ago. I went to see a good friend of mine who moved out of state. We started at Kohler about the same time and both of us were on a two tier pay in the late 80's, much like now. We both held strong with the Union through the years. Six months ago he reached a point in his life where it was time for a new chapter away from factory life. During my visit he told me, “I would have never gotten this far in life or been able to make this choice a reality without being in a Union for protection of wages, rights, and benefits.



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Follow us on Twitter at or @UAWLocal833


Penny Sawall, Editor July 2015

From the Desk of the President
Tim Tayloe
As some may have heard there are meetings being held at the Union hall. It is being posted by division. If your division has not had a meeting, watch for flyers in the plant. It is important everyone shows up!! I said I will try to keep everyone informed going into this contract, starting with this!
One thing I do want to mention there has been a lot of fights in the divisions. This has to stop! For one both parties could be terminated. Second it takes up a lot of time we could be using this time to be working on contract language or other serious problems. These meetings last for hours and most of the time it’s not over for days. Instead of pointing fingers or starting fights just bite the lip and walk away. Talk to your steward explaining what happened so they can try to take care of the problem before it turns into a big fight.
On a positive note the golf outing for U.A.W. was a good turnout. I want to thank everyone who helped out and participated this year. The outing brings Union brothers and sisters together for a good time. I hope everyone had fun. I can tell you I enjoyed the weekend with all our Union brothers and sisters.

Foundry Division
Chief Steward Dave Ertel
The foundry is busier than usual. They have more open jobs than usual. They are going to be hurting when the summer flex leave.
They tell me they will be having sustainability training. They will be making strides to become waste free by 2035; which means they want us to help them reduce energy emissions, water and waste.
Like always, if you have any questions find a steward or me. I am here to help you.

Enamel Division
Chief Steward Bob Bastasic
Whirlpool is working 8 hrs. per day with no Saturdays in the near future. They are in the middle of moving to their new area, which may add some extra time and work for them.
Glass sink is working 8 hrs. per day and Saturdays are not likely. Orders are steady and there looks like no change is coming.
Manual tub is working 9 hrs. per day with Saturdays. Orders are strong but most of the work is on the A.T.L. They are sliding a crew to help on the sink end. This move was coming but I still believe they are making a mistake.
Manual sink is working 8 hrs. per day with Saturdays. Starting Wednesday he wants us to go to 8.2 hrs. and 6.2 hrs. on Saturdays. They plan to move two to four to Robots to fill positions and move some work down.
Robotic sinks is working 8 hrs. per day with Saturdays and
he is making people fill in on 3rd shift until the openings are filled. Apron sinks and Heartlands are the big drivers. Yes, they are true orders. Safety stocks on some plate numbers are down a lot.

Brass/Faucet Division
Steward Ken Funk
As far as the brass division goes orders are steady. Their past due orders are dropping. Most areas are still on some over time whether it’s voluntary or mandatory. The service parts and brass packing areas are busiest right now. They are working mandatory 10s, voluntary 12s and voluntary work was offered last Sunday. The A.T.O. area is working mandatory 9s with 6s on Saturday. W.I.P went to a rotating Saturday schedule, with 9s daily.
In the bar building the 5th floor machine shop went to 8s with voluntary Saturdays but Saturdays are going to be short lived as they are caught up. The 3rd floor machine is still working straight 40 hours; no over time. The 4th floor right temp and fusion area are working voluntary 10s with mandatory 8s on Saturday and voluntary Sundays. The 2nd floor hand finish, along with machine operators, are working voluntary 10s daily and voluntary 8s on Saturdays. Some machine centers remain mandatory Saturdays. The special finish along with P.V.D. and plating are on 8s, voluntary 9s and mandatory 8s on Saturday. The basement weld area is working mandatory 9s and 8s on Saturday.
Over in cast hand finishers are back on voluntary 10s. The machine operators are mandatory 9s and mandatory 8s on Saturdays. Most areas on the cast side of the wall are still working a straight 40 hours.
They added 33 permanent jobs in the division with most of them in the A.T.O. area. This is in anticipation of the college people leaving at the end of next month.

Pottery Division
Chief Steward Scott Wagner
There recently has been a change in supervision. Mark is back in charge of the Cast Shop again. Saranya has transferred to the power systems with Kirk taking over in the processing. I would like to wish generators and engines the best of luck.
The pottery is seeing more overtime since shutdown because of vacations, some heat days and so on. A number of jobs have cleared postings and made it to the hall but jobs are still making it to the street. People are being moved around because of the lack of workers available. I feel this may continue until contract.
I just wanted to remind anyone that has accepted a job or transferred, they can hold you for 30 days. If that is an issue get a hold of your chief steward or call the hall. Bottom line it should be interesting to see what will happen in the next couple of months.

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